How can we save the student district?

We've worked very hard for three years to create the nation's first student district in Berkeley. But if Measure S doesn't pass, all our work will be erased instantly.

On November 4, 2014, "S" is for SAVE the STUDENT district! Vote YES on Measure S.


Why is Measure S on the November 2014 ballot?

Some people don't support student empowerment, and they gathered signatures to force a citywide vote on whether or not to keep the student district.

Vote 'YES' on Measure S to keep Berkeley's student district.

Register to Vote

You MUST register to vote IN BERKELEY to save the student district.

It takes 30 seconds to register to vote online. Click here to register to vote online.

The only information you need is your name, your date of birth, the address where you live & want to vote, your driver's license number or California ID number (if you have one), and your social security number (if you have one).

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